November 10th, 2012

Was April really the last update? Another recording timetable lays in tatters.

With Mitch in Exeter and Adam in Brighton things aren’t exactly set-up for speed at Blooms HQ at the moment. Were they ever? Hopefully the lack of being able to just do bits as and when we feel like it will spur us to knuckle down when the stars align and we are all in the same place at the same time.

The album is written. It has a name. It has some bass. It has some light guitar.

By the time we finish it it’ll be the first new thing we’ve released since 2009, and the first thing you’ll have heard that we’ve written since 2007. Hopefully in December things will all fall in to place and we’ll blast triumphantly into 2103 with a finished album of new material and a renewed vigor.


April 7th, 2012

In the continuation of a theme, not much has happened in way of work on the album. Not directly anyway. The studio has seen a break in activity long enough to get a bunch of our gear properly serviced, and as soon as it returns we’ll be back in the game. Like we were ever in it to begin with!

That being said we’re playing our first gig for a while on the 21st of April at The Flapper in Birmingham. Check out the facebook group for it here.

I always say at the end of these things that we’ll try and update you more frequently, and then never do, so we’ll try and update you more frequently….


September 18th, 2011

So we did the demos and realised lots of things were far too slow, so we’ve decided to sort all that jazz out and FINALLY get on and do this thing properly. Work starts on Thursday and I’ll be treating it like it’s my full time job until it is finished! The words ‘labour of love’ don’t quite cut it. We will finish this.

For now, here is a video of us playing one of the tracks, ‘Something, Something, Moscow’, live at The Flapper in Birmingham, supporting the mighty Brontide.


August 19th, 2011

Hello all. Bit of a fork in our road to finishing this record. We’re trying to book up some gigs for the autumn, and in doing so have had requests for new material, so what we decided to do was turn the guide drums and bass into ‘album demos’. So now we have cds that so far have 8 tracks totalling over 56mins. The plan is to use these to work out absolutely what tempo everything should be, double check everyone is playing the best possible thing and to familiarise Joe with the songs, since he is tasked with helping us making them sound awesome. Check out out for behind the scenes pics and his general musings.

I would write ‘hopefully this next stage wont take too long’ but that’s not how we do things here at Blooms HQ. Hopefully this next stage wont take too long.

Here are a few pics of what’s been going on, and the previous Carnage Club @ Temple of Boom, at which we played.


July 22nd, 2011

Hello 3 or 4 peoples. We’re at it again. Mitch has been in to do his guide guitars, and Tim is currently gurning his way through a particularly painful looking solo! So far we’ve managed to find a guitar noise that sound like Sweep from Sooty getting touched up. A productive day!

By sticking some guitars on, we’ve noticed various bits being too slow or fast again. Argh.